ElasTer® - Elastic Monofilaments

ElasTer® - Elastic Monofilaments

By adding varying levels of thermoplastic polyether to a PBT base, monofilaments can be manufactured with high-elastic properties and an elongation of up to 150 percent. These monofilaments, better known as ElasTer®, are processed in special woven and knitted fabrics in order to boost their elastic properties during constructional stretch.

Types PET: 605, 620, 630, 640, 660
Polymersystems: N, M, Q, NU, MU, QU, QF, NQ
Types Bico: 730, 740
Polymersystems: NQ
Diameter range: round: 0,150 - 0,800 mm
Spools: A200, R200, A250, D250
Colours: grey, lava, black

Spun dyed for low and high shrinkage ElasTer with a lot size of 500 kg on request.

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